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A Tube in the Pool

Try These Fun Summer Activities!

A Tube in the PoolSummer is billed as a time of excitement and fun, but for too many people, it ends up being a season of boredom. This is especially true for children and teens because they have a long break during the months that school is closed. Make a change this season and liven up your summer break with activities like these:

Change Up Your Hairstyle

Summer is a great time for teens to experiment with new hairstyles because if one doesn’t work out, the whole school won’t see it. If it does work well, it can be kept into the school year to wow everyone with the new look. Adults can also use summer as a time for new hairstyles. Try a new haircut, a new color or even just a new hairdo. Experiment and have some fun!

Play Pool Games

Whether you play Marco Polo, swim laps and race or enjoy pool floats/tubes, you’ll have more fun in the water if you get a game going. Plenty of land games have water versions and are easy to adapt to the pools at Addison Park.

Paint Your Sun Hat

If you’re into crafting, you’ll love dressing up your sun hat by painting it with fresh, new designs. Use an old hat for a more earthy look, or use a new one if you’d prefer a more polished appearance. Either way, you’ll have something to do for the day and you’ll get a fresh look for the rest of the summer.

Catch Up On Your Favorite Shows

Sitting at home watching Netflix or another favored provider may not seem like a “summer activity,” but this is actually the perfect season for catching up on missed episodes. If you know others who like the same programs, you can use a binge-watching session as a great excuse to get together and hang out. To keep it fun, avoid simply sitting on the couch and staring at the TV or laptop. Instead, make some popcorn, get out the soda, and dim the lights for a theater-like experience.

One more way to liven up your summer is to get a new address. To see our available apartments in Charlotte and to get a tour of our community, just stop by our office.

Hotel Room

Take a Summer Trip and Stay at a Waterton Managed Hotel

Hotel RoomWhat are you doing this summer? If you’re looking for suggestions, why don’t you start by planning a getaway that will keep some money in your pocket? As a resident of our apartments in Charlotte, you’re in luck because Waterton is offering its apartment residents special summer rates at its hotels!

As a resident of Addison Park during the summer months, you get access to the some of the lowest rates at our Waterton managed hotels. We have hotels in California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin! The special summer rates are only good now until August 31, 2017. When booking your stay, dial the special number associated with the hotel of your choice and request the Waterton corporate rate. Need a little inspiration? Here are just a few summer vacation ideas:

A Road Trip

Need a getaway that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg? Pack a few bags, stuff the car with the essentials, and head north. Thanks to I-77 and I-79, you can be in Pittsburgh in about 7 hours, where the DoubleTree Pittsburgh Airport will be waiting for you. Rates at this hotel will start from $89.

While you’re there, be sure to:

Another Ocean

California is a universe away from North Carolina in terms of both distance and culture. Take a break away from your Atlantic Ocean home to experience some West Coast culture by heading to the Hyatt Place San Jose, where you’ll get 20% off the best available rate.

Here are a few can’t-miss San Jose experiences:

Marvel at the Magnificent Mile

You can easily get to Chicago from Charlotte by plane or car, and rates await you starting at just $99 per night when you stay in nearby Skokie at the DoubleTree Skokie.

What should you do while you’re there?

  • Grab a meal with a view
  • Take a ride on the Centennial Wheel at the Navy Pier
  • Take a selfie by the Bean (properly known as Cloud Gate), which is located in the infamous Millennium Park
  • Shop to your heart’s content

It’s not every day that you’ll find a great apartment community that offers perks that go above and beyond standard amenities, but we’ve got you covered. If you want to make Addison Park your next home, contact us today to learn more about our available floor plans!

Designed Pillow

Get Crafting at This Pillow Class!

Designed PillowIf you’re looking for something to do on a Friday night, we literally have you covered with this fun pillow class from Modern Craft Co. Located not far from Addison Park, the event is being held at Small Hands Big Art Studio on Ardrey Kell Road. Here are the details you need to know for a whimsical night out of crafting with friends, including the location, time and what you’ll be making during the event.

Crafting Class Details – Join in on the Fun

First of all, the pillow painting class takes place on Friday, June 2, 2017 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Admission is $25-$50, but there is a 10% discount if you bring a friend. All supplies are included to make one envelope-style, hand painted 16-inch by 16-inch throw pillow cover. (The pillow insert itself is not included). You get to choose your own colors from the event’s “paint bar” to help match your apartment decor and personal style.

Best of all, the acrylic wash techniques taught in this class can be repeated long after the evening is over. Use your new skills to make one-of-a-kind table linens, napkins, wall decor, canvas tote bags, and much more. This is a great way to learn a new form of art that will continue to be valuable for years to come!

Need another reason to sign up for this craft class? It can be a great way to get to know your neighbors! If you don’t have a friend or family member free for the evening, consider seeing if another Addison Park resident is interested. You’ll get to meet a new friend in our community, enjoy a great night out, and have a new home decor item to show for it. The class even ends early enough to grab dinner or coffee after the fact. How great does that sound?

Can’t make it to this pillow painting class? Don’t worry! Modern Craft Co. offers tons of exciting events around the Charlotte area. Visit their website ( to see a calendar of upcoming events and find one that suits your fancy.

For more information on Addison Park’s floor plans or availability, call our Charlotte apartments team now at (844) 681-7057.

Green Lizard

Stop by the Repticon Charlotte Show!

Green LizardWhen you’re desperate to see more in a day than just your usual cat, dog, or goldfish, there’s the Repticon Charlotte Reptile & Exotic Animal Show where you can view and learn more about our reptile friends. Residents at our Charlotte apartments can attend the show on June 3 and 4 between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, and 10 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for kids (ages 5 to 12), and free for kids under 5. Find out more about how you can get the most out of this amazing event.

So Much to See

A repticon show may sound like a niche event, with only die-hard reptile fans visiting the scaly members of the animal kingdom. But this show really is for everyone who wants to get out and do something a little different. This is a place where kids and adults alike can learn more about what it takes to care for reptiles and just how rewarding it can be. Families, couples and individuals can walk around to consider the other kinds of pets available besides our furry companions.

Live Animal Seminars and More

In addition to reptile pets at the show, families will find vendors offering all types of animal supplies to ensure the reptiles get the very best possible home care. From cages to feeders, attendees get the chance to pick up everything they need in one convenient location. Live animal seminars will be conducted too, so expand your reptile knowledge by learning from the best. If that’s not enough to convince you, there will also be free raffles where you can win some awesome prizes.

Not only is this show fun for the whole family, but it is also a learning experience you won’t soon forget. Addison Park understands the value of trying new things, which is why we encourage our residents to make the most of their time in our apartments in Charlotte. And we welcome your pets! To find out more about our one-, two- and three-bedroom floor plans and our amenities such as two sparkling pools with sun decks, just give our office a call today!

Guitar Against Tree

Did You Check Out the 2nd Annual Music, Dance ‘n Que Fest?

Guitar Against TreeWhat’s not to like about a festival with the big three in entertainment: music, dance and North Carolina BBQ, better known as ’que? Attendees came prepared with folding chairs, blankets, sunscreen and their dancin’ shoes to kick off spring and to support a local non-profit from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on May 6.

Annual Festival Benefits Polk Historic Site

Part of the proceeds from each Music, Dance ’n Que Fest goes to the Polk Memorial Support Fund, Inc. for supporting public programs and school tours. Admission and parking were free.

The annual festival takes place at the President James K. Polk State Historic Site in Pineville, NC, a few minutes outside of Charlotte. This site occupies 21 acres of the land owned by President Polk’s father.

Visitors can take a self-guided tour of the museum and view a video of Polk’s legacy. They can also take guided tours of historic structures and visit an 1800s garden, a historic cemetery, a picnic area and walking trails.

Festival patrons kicked back on lawn chairs, blankets or hay bales while taking in free entertainment as artists danced, sang and played historic music, bluegrass and folk songs.  Featured performers included the Myers Park High School Bluegrass Club, Red Hills Dance, Laura Ingram Semilian and the Overdue Bluegrass Band.

Down-home food wasn’t missing from the festival. ‘Que lovers enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich, sweet vinegar coleslaw and baked beans plus a non-alcoholic drink for $10. Also available were several brands of brews for $5 a beer.

The President James K. Polk State Historic Site features a number of living history events each year. Children’s camps and community activities are popular during the summer. History buffs enjoy celebrating Polk’s birthday each November 2. December marks an opportunity to celebrate the winter holidays as the 11th U.S. President and his family and friends would have marked the season during the early 1800s.

Residents of Addison Park Apartments in Charlotte love taking advantage of the mild North Carolina climate at events such as the Music, Dance ‘n Que Fest. Be sure and call us today for information on our available floor plans that fit your lifestyle.

Basketball Hoop

Stop by the Queen City Sneaker Expo & 3-On-3 Tournament!

Basketball HoopThe Addison Park apartments in Charlotte, NC offer excellent apartments for those who are just starting out or for those who are just moving to the area. Residents who live in the Charlotte area never have a shortage of things to do. There is always a sporting event, street fair, or expo somewhere in the city offering a fun time for all who choose to attend. Two of these events are the Queen City Sneaker Expo and the 3-On-3 Tournament on May 27.

Queen City Sneaker Expo

Held in conjunction with the 3-On-3 Tournament, the Queen City Sneaker Expo is located at Center City in downtown Charlotte. It is listed as a BUY/SELL/TRADE event. The expo is open to individuals of all ages and is geared primarily towards what is known as the “sneaker culture.” Custom sneakers will be available. The expo also includes food booths, vendors, live entertainment, music, and a host of other attractions to suit almost everyone’s interests. The expo is free to anyone who chooses to attend.

3-On-3 Tournament

As one of the main events at the Queen City Sneaker Expo, the 3-On-3 Tournament is a highlight for both participants and spectators. The tournament has three age groups and offers trophies and cash prizes for those teams that advance to the final round. The tournament draws some of the best players in the Charlotte area and is one of the most popular events held in the downtown area. Even if people aren’t interested in the expo, they will flock to the uptown area for the tournament.

New residents who are looking for spacious apartments in Charlotte only have to look as far as Addison Park. With our spacious one-, two-, and three-bedroom floor plans and the city’s abundance of activities, the area is an excellent choice for all. In addition, our apartment homes offer great amenities such as walk-in closets, ceiling fans and garden-style bathtubs. At Addison Park, residents also have access to our two sparkling pools with sun decks. Choosing the right apartment lays the foundation for your future. Call our office to schedule a tour of our floor plans that are available.

An Array of Vegetables

Did You Visit the CDGI 3rd Annual Spring Festival?

An Array of VegetablesCalling everyone who lives in or near the Queen City, also known as Charlotte, North Carolina: It’s time to get out and enjoy the lovely springtime weather while having some local fun. The CDGI 3rd Annual Spring Festival is a great way to do that while also supporting a wonderful local cause. Here’s what you need to know about this uplifting and inspiring event.

Enjoyable and Educational Activities

The CDGI 3rd Annual Spring Festival incorporates unique, interactive activities along with culture-specific recreational activities, food and other entertainment. This year, the event took place on May 6 at 3932 Sofley Road. Our Charlotte apartments are conveniently located near all this fun and enriching activity.

A Great Local Cause

The CDGI 3rd Annual Spring Festival isn’t just a typical festival. It is a very special one that takes place for a great cause. The event’s goal is to promote and encourage cultural awareness as well as positive sociocultural results in both the Hidden Valley and Sugar Creek communities located in Mecklenburg County. The theme for the 2017 festival has been “Life. Community. Family.” That perfectly sums up the atmosphere and activities, in that there are life-giving and health-promoting activities and food. The “community” aspect is relevant in that the event powerfully brings the local community together. And the “family” part indicates that the event brings families together while also strengthening them both now and well into the future.

Other Details

What is the cost for all this fun? It’s absolutely zero because the CDGI 3rd Annual Spring Festival has been free to attend. There are activities and events for all ages and interests. The event took place from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

If you weren’t able to attend this family-friendly event this year, be on the lookout for more details on the next CDGI Annual Spring Festival! If you are looking for a location that provides easy access to the CDGI Annual Spring Festival and many more local activities, and if you are in the market for apartments in Charlotte, call our office or stop by our office today to see which floor plans are currently available.

Beer and a Barrel

Did You Celebrate National Beer Day?

Beer and a BarrelDid you know that the United States celebrates a National Beer Day? Celebrated every year on April 7, the holiday is not just for the purpose of honoring a thriving American industry. The holiday also commemorates when beer became legal in the United States. Prior to the American Revolution, beer and hard cider were one of the most common beverages, but that all changed during Prohibition, which made any form of alcohol illegal for the entire decade of the 1920s and into the 1930s. But while Prohibition didn’t end until December 5, 1933, beer drinkers got an earlier reprieve when President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act on March 22, 1933. It went into effect on, (you guessed it), April 7 of the same year and made it legal to buy, sell and consume beer. What better reason to celebrate with a cold beer? On April 6 of 1933, millions lined up to buy beer legally at the stroke of midnight and the day was dubbed New Beer’s Eve. Sixty years later, the day became enshrined as a holiday and on the first National Beer Day in 1993, Americans drank 1.5 million barrels of beer. All of it legal.

Perfect Places for Residents of Charlotte Apartments to Celebrate National Beer Day

There’s no shortage of great places to get beer in Charlotte. Here are a few of our favorites.

Crafty Beer Guys

These guys will install a draft system and teach you the ins and outs of everything beer, but they’ll also let you drink it in their tasting room.

Flying Saucer Draught Emporium

The beer emporium is a nationwide chain, but don’t let that fool you, they know their beers.

Salud Beer Shop

Looking for good beer to take home? This is a great place to get it. They also have a tasting room, sandwiches and events.

VBGB Beer Hall and Garden

While National Beer Day is an American holiday, the Germans are another culture that knows how to celebrate beer. If you want a traditional beer garden, this is your spot.

There’s no reason to leave home to relish an excellent beer. Our spacious outdoor clubhouse seating is the perfect place to relax with friends and a cold beer. In the colder weather, there’s nothing like a tasty stout enjoyed by a wood burning fireplace. To learn more about the numerous amenities offered at our apartments in Charlotte, get in touch with our office today.

Variety of Trees Outside

Fun Facts About Arbor Day

Variety of Trees OutsideHere in North Carolina, it’s easy for the residents of Charlotte apartments to love trees. From the common witch hazel to the Carolina silverbell to the iconic Dogwood, from which we get our state flower, our state has a wide variety of wonderful native trees. And there’s no better day to celebrate trees than on National Arbor Day. Here are some things to know about the holiday.

Six Fun Facts About Arbor Day

  1. Arbor Day got started in Nebraska in the 1800s to encourage the planting of trees in an area that was infamous for flat plains.
  2. The holiday is all about getting people to plant trees, and millions of trees are planted each year on this day. There are few better ways to help the environment than planting trees.
  3. Arbor Day takes its name from the Latin word for tree.
  4. Arbor Day became a national holiday in 1872. Historically, it’s closer to the time of Johnny Appleseed than it is to the green movement.
  5. It is always celebrated on the last Friday in April, this year it lands on April 28.
  6. The holiday is often celebrated along with Bird Day on May 4. It also falls close to Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22, although that holiday did not get started until 1970.

From the forests to the mountains to our homes, trees are always nearby, and worth celebrating. Here at Addison Park, our balconies and patios are the perfect spots to plant a small tree well suited to growing in a container. Here is a great resource for instructions on how to plant a tree.

In addition to being the month in which we celebrate trees, April also kicks off the start of perfect picnic weather here in Charlotte. Here at Addison Park, we take outdoor dining to another level by offering our residents an outdoor kitchen along with spacious seating, the perfect place from which to appreciate trees while enjoying a meal with friends. Visit our website to find out more about our many amenities and contact our office to learn more about our available one-, two- or three-bedroom apartment homes in Charlotte.

Bucket of Fish

How to Celebrate April Fools’ Day

Bucket of FishAlthough April Fools’ Day has passed, some people dislike April Fools’ Day—but many people embrace it, waiting to see what the cool pranks are this year. If you want to do something cool for the next holiday in your Addison Park apartment, here are some fun things to consider.

Something Fishy?

In France, April Fools’ Day is sometimes called Poisson d’Avril, or April Fish Day. People who fall for pranks are seen as easily caught fish. Consider a fish theme for an April Fools’ Day party – supposedly the first April Fools’ (it’s probably anecdotal, but a good story) were people who forgot that New Year’s had been moved from April 1 to January 1 and celebrated anyway, and got decorated with fish for their pains—which still happens in France, Belgium, and in the French-speaking parts of Canada and Switzerland. Serve a fish meal, or decorate your place with paper fish. Or play a variant of the “guess who” game with the names written on fish-shaped paper.


Hilaria was the Roman Laughing Day on March 25, when people would dress up in costumes and go around trying to make each other laugh. The festival lasted until April 1, and is another possible origin for the celebration. This means that a costume party is a great way to celebrate April 1, especially if you really like dressing up and don’t want to wait until Halloween.

Fool’s Errand

The Scots and Irish like this one. Give a gullible person an “important letter” that tells the recipient to then send them on somewhere else. Probably a mean thing to do, but how about changing it into a party game and doing something like a scavenger hunt?

Or, of course, you can just get together and grade that year’s pranks. A quick game of Ms. Pacman, anyone?

Enjoy your April Fools’ Day celebration—or any other holiday of the year—in a beautiful Charlotte apartment. You can celebrate in your gorgeous apartment with its spacious balcony or come out and enjoy spring at one of our two pools or in our playground and picnic areas. Contact us to learn more about our available floor plans.

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