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JarThanksgiving is all about being thankful, and everyone is likely to be thankful for something a bit different. Not only is it a time to be thankful in your life but also to share with others why you are thankful. This year, if you want to change things up a bit and add a new tradition to the mix, you should consider the “I Am Thankful” jar. 

How it Works

To do this, all you really need is a jar, some paper, pens and some things to be thankful for. Once you have your jar, you can ask everyone on Thanksgiving before it is time to eat to write down at least one thing that they are thankful for, and put it in the jar. Once everything is in the jar, you can designate one person to read out all of the things that people wrote down, or you can pass the jar around and have everyone read one of the pieces of paper.

How it Can Encourage Sharing

Before everyone starts eating, if you have ever had someone ask what you are thankful for, it can really put you on the spot. By choosing this method for sharing things that you are thankful for, you have a bit of time before eating to really think about it and write it down. This is a way to take a bit of the pressure off your Thanksgiving Day and really enjoy those around you. At the same time, it is a great new tradition that you can enjoy with others and really make special. You can even save the pieces of paper from one year to the next and share them even when someone may not feel very thankful in the moment.

This jar tradition can bring people together, make the event more enjoyable, and even remind people of things to be thankful for when times are a bit tougher than they have been in prior years. If you are looking to bring a new tradition to your family this Thanksgiving, look no further than the “I Am Thankful for” jar. If you are looking for a new place to celebrate Thanksgiving and have your family over, be sure to check out our Charlotte apartments

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