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Gingerbread HouseCreating a gingerbread house is a lovely tradition that dates back to the 17th century. Since then, friends and family have enjoyed creating beautiful, fanciful houses made of candy, gingerbread, frosting, nuts, dried fruits and many other delicacies at Christmastime. The following are a few ideas for making your gingerbread house unique and amazing.

Ideas for Taking Your Gingerbread House to the Next Level

  • Use pretzels and icing for a fence. Thin stick pretzels make a great rustic fence for a barn or country look.
  • Use rolled wafer cookies as exposed beams for a ski lodge/hunting manor look.
  • Add coarse sugar on top of white frosting to give snow that extra authentic sparkly snow look.
  • Shredded wheat cereal makes a great roof shingle or "brick" exterior.
  • Cut up flat red chewy candy to give the bricks on a chimney extra color that really pops.
  • Stack rolled wafer cookies on the "snow" to resemble a pile of logs outside the house.
  • Don't underestimate the visual power of red and white peppermint sticks. Use them to make heart shapes, benches, smoke swirls coming out of chimneys, sled runners, etc. 
  • Add tealights inside a gingerbread house to give it a cozy glow.
  • Use fruit roll-ups or other translucent candies to make stained glass windows.
  • Make an A-frame house instead of the traditional gingerbread house. 
  • Place cotton on top of a chimney to look like smoke.
  • Use flat red gum to create a Southwestern tiled look for the roof of a gingerbread casita.
  • Use upside-down ice cream cones as the base for trees outside the gingerbread house.
  • Use tiny rock candies to create a pathway to the house or bricks around a house.
  • Make lambs with tiny marshmallows for fur, thin pretzel sticks for legs and black jelly beans for heads.
  • Stack a chimney with different colors of caramel "bricks."
  • Place upside-down waffle cones to make stunning spires for your fancy medieval creations.
  • Use pretzels outside a gingerbread house to make it look like a traditional log cabin.
  • Use M&Ms as Christmas lights.

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