Creating Yummy Cupid Floats

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As Valentine’s Day draws near, you can prepare to make yummy cupid floats at your Charlotte apartments in celebration of this holiday. These super cute floats look as good as they taste and will undoubtedly delight the ones you love!

Gather Your Ingredients

To ensure your cupid floats turn out ultra-pink and adorable, you must have just the right ingredients on hand. You will need to pick up a container of your favorite plain vanilla ice cream and cherry soda. Add red licorice, candy sprinkles, and whipped cream to your cart as well. To achieve the best results, be sure you have tall, clear glasses on hand when it comes time to make these floats.   

Create Your Cupid Floats 

Scoop your vanilla ice cream into a tall glass and slowly pour cherry soda over the top. Spray a small amount of whipped cream on top, and dash the candy sprinkles over it all. You can also decorate with coarse sugar crystals in a wide variety of colors. Trim the ends off a red licorice vine to create a straw, and then place it in your cupid float. 

Share and Enjoy

Delight in the beautiful look of these fun floats before partaking in their scrumptiousness! Encourage everyone to savor their drinks and let the ice cream slightly melt in the soda to amplify the flavors. To elevate the experience further, you can serve with these floats with light finger foods or bite-sized desserts.

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