3 Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

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3 Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

In this post, we’ll explain 3 simple cleaning tips for apartment living.

Keep Enough Cleaning Supplies

It’s always best to carry important cleaning supplies in your apartment. Whenever you head to the store, make a list of what supplies you need – check around the apartment, look under the cabinets, and double check that you have the basic cleaning supplies like:

Bathroom cleaner

Glass cleaner

Must-surface cleaner

Paper towels

By staying fully stocked with cleaning supplies, you'll have easy access for a quick wipe down. 

Set Time Aside for Cleaning

Another reason that people ignore cleaning is that they don't schedule a time for it. So in order to stay on top of things, be sure to pencil in cleaning sessions so your apartment stays tidy. Think about your schedule and when you might have an hour to spare, then schedule specific cleaning tasks, like cleaning the bathroom, cleaning off the counters, or vacuuming around the apartment. 

Know What to Clean First

If your time is limited, make sure to focus on certain areas first. Two areas to really keep your eyes on are the kitchen and bathroom. These areas are used the most and usually carry the most germs. Therefore, keeping these areas tidy is a top priority. 

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