Solar Window Film and Why You Need It Right Now

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windowSummer and winter are all about temperature extremes, even in beautiful Addison Park. But there's a tweak you can use to increase energy efficiency in North Carolina apartments. It comes in an easy-to-use film that's completely removable and won't damage windows. It's called solar film, and if you aren't already using it, here's why you need to start. 

Solar Window Film Increases Energy Efficiency

This type of tinted, vinyl film reflects and/or absorbs UV rays from the sun, making your rooms feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter. You'll see the visual results right after application when the outdoor glare goes away and you can move easily about your apartment without squinting. It may take one or two cycles of your utility bill to see the monetary results, but the right film installed the right way can shave up to 30 percent off your home heating and cooling costs. 

Solar Window Film Protects Furnishings From Sun-Fade

By blocking up to 99 percent of UV rays, the solar film provides superior sun-fade protection for your carpeting, window coverings and more. Keep your belongings looking bright and new, even if they're in full view of the window, by using this affordable tweak that almost anyone can install. 

Solar Window Film Is Easy to Install

You can have a professional install your solar film, but many residents choose the DIY option because it's super-easy. Typically, you simply measure the window pane and cut the film to fit. Then, it's just a matter of using a sponge to make the window wet, positioning the film where you want it and using a plastic card, such as an old bank card, to smooth out the bubbles. 

There's no adhesive involved, so there's no worry about hard-to-remove residue. And when done correctly, the film can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance. When you're ready to remove it, simply grab a corner and begin peeling. 

Solar window film is a great way to help cut heating and cooling costs in North Carolina apartments. Come see all the natural light and spacious floor plans we have to offer today at Addison Park. You're going to love apartment living done right. 

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