Tips for Transforming Your Home With Multifunctional Furniture

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Addison Park Living RoomWith the holidays approaching, you may have guests, which means you’ll need to maximize the use of your furnishings. A great way to do this, whether for visitors or your own personal use year-round, is with multifunctional furniture. Here are a few ideas for adding furniture that does double duty in your home.

Sleeper Sofa or Futon                               

Providing a comfortable bed for your guests makes their stay even more enjoyable. An easy way to ensure you have a cozy sleeping space at the ready is with a sleeper sofa or loveseat. A futon sofa is another option that’s easy to convert into an inviting guest bed.

Folding Console

Need extra seating for your holiday dinner party? A drop-leaf style console table is a handy solution. A multifunctional console table can rest snugly against your wall and, when extended, becomes a dining table to accommodate your guests.

Ottoman With Storage

An ottoman is great as a resting spot for your feet while you read or watch TV. However, many ottomans are designed with storage space inside, making them ideal for holding small household items or linens, which helps to free up closet space.

Bookshelf Headboard

That space behind your bed can be put to good use with a headboard that doubles as a bookshelf. Not only can you store your favorite reading material within easy reach, but it’s also a perfect place for putting a clip-on task lamp, which can save room on your nightstand.

Captain's Bed

Why let dust bunnies and miscellaneous storage bins have free reign over the space beneath your bed? Instead, make full use of that square footage with a captain's bed designed with storage drawers. If you have guests, you can easily clear out a drawer to provide a place for friends or family to stow away their clothing and other personal items.

Lift-top Coffee Table

Your coffee table doesn’t have to be a mere surface for holding magazines, remotes, and beverage coasters. It can also be a repository for everyday items — that is, if you have a lift-top coffee table with storage space inside.

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