4 Tips for Entertaining in Your Apartment This Thanksgiving

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PartyThanksgiving is stressful. Between cooking a meal for a crowd and entertaining, it can be difficult to beat the stress and anxiety of the holiday. Your apartments can become the place to have Thanksgiving if you plan out the day far in advanced. Become the greatest host for a Thanksgiving feast in our Charlotte, NC apartments without feeling cramped or stressed by following these four tips.

Move Furniture

While your apartment may be perfectly decorated, it may not be entertainment friendly. Be sure to move large furniture that prevents a natural flow in your Charlotte apartment. You can always put it back once your company has left. Consider moving your couch and any additional large furniture that is in the way. 

Provide Plenty of Seating

When you are entertaining, having ample seating is a must. Whether you use floor cushions or chairs, you need to ensure everyone has a place to sit down while they are a guest in your apartment. You can find cheap seating at many different stores that can be easily stored away when you don't need the additional seating. 

Create Flow

Flow is important when you are entertaining. It creates walkways and encourages conversation in specific areas. You don't want everyone talking in the hallway and blocking the path to the kitchen or patio. Be sure to strategically lay out your space so it's obvious where to walk and where to sit/stand. 

Make Beverages Easily Accessible 

Water, sodas, and other beverages should all be easily accessible to your guests. Whether these are being stored in the kitchen or elsewhere in your apartment, make sure they are out of the way where guests will be standing/sitting. 

Enjoy the holiday while entertaining in your Charlotte apartment. Holidays are meant to be surrounded by family and friends, which is easy to do when you create a cozy environment. If you need a new space to bring your friends and family into for the holidays, call our leasing office today to learn which of our wonderful floor plans are currently available. 

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