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Host a Yummy Taco Bar Party at Home

They can be fully customized to suit individual preferences, dressed up with all the extras, or stripped down to be carb-friendly and vegetarian-friendly. What's not to love about tacos? Hosting an unforgettable taco bar party in your Charlotte, North Carolina, apartment is a fun twist on the typical dinner get-together. Here are a few tips to help you pull…

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Thanksgiving Decor Tablescapes

Who doesn’t love to hear an appreciative murmur from guests when they get a peek at your Thanksgiving table? Residents of our apartments in Charlotte, NC, will find it easy to create a memorable tablescape thanks to these six handy tips. Think Natural Thanksgiving is the perfect time to embellish your table with natural items. Guests will remember…

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4th of July Party Ideas

Here at Addison Park Apartments in Charlotte, many of our community members enjoy hosting 4th of July parties with friends and loved ones. Of course, a lot of planning goes into these events, so we want to share a few 4th of July party ideas to brighten up the festivities. Star-Spangled Watermelon Treats Amaze your…

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New Year’s Game Ideas

If you have family and friends over to celebrate the new year, chances are you’re on the lookout for activities that everyone can partake in. Fortunately, games of all types tend to appeal to people of all ages. Here are a few of the best New Year’s game ideas that will entertain all of your…

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